Why are boarding schools still relevant?

A boarding school is a private boarding school. That is, students who live on campus during the school year. They are similar to colleges and universities  where students live in dormitories or student housing, but they mainly serve high school students.

Boarding schools have been considered to be irrelevant since some people consider them to be ‘prison-like’ institutions for children and that is not the case. They have been painted in a somewhat negative light in the past, but they are quite relevant still to this day because they hold a true purpose and offer valuable benefits for those who attend them.

Did you know that Hogwarts is considered to be a ‘boarding school’ of sorts? The main goal of boarding schools is to provide a learning community where students can focus on their studies, mature and reach their full potential.

Reasons to attend

1) College Ready

Colleges often need more students that are ready to go to college. According to a survey conducted it can be said that about 91% of students have learning difficulties compared to 60% of students going out alone and 45% of public school students.

Students not only reported that class contributed to their learning, but 90% of university graduates are private and public students. 39% of boarding school students said they were well prepared for serious university-level study.

 2) Motivated Companion

A playful and disruptive student can ruin a classroom. Your friends and classmates can make all the difference at school. This is another advantage of boarding school. Compared to public school students a large majority of boarding school students reported being surrounded by active peers. If your fellow peers are ready to learn and succeed, so are you.

 3) Availability and support of faculties

Faculties are becoming more and more accessible to university students. In some contexts, many teachers live on campus.

But even if they don’t, because they live on campus, they have plenty of opportunities to work with teachers before and after school to help them tackle difficult concepts and challenges. Teachers are not only outside the classroom for students, but also inside the classroom due to the low percentage of teachers.

Indeed, boarding school students spend an average of nine hours per week outside the classroom with teachers, coaches and other staff, compared to four full-time hours in school. More than double the time spent with wise and wise people older than you who can help you become a wise and insightful young man or woman.

4) Reduce distractions and increase your studies

If you want to study seriously, boarding school is the right choice for you. Not only does it take an average of four hours a week to watch TV, but you can also study for more than double that of a full-time student.

Boarding schools usually provide a lab with teaching assistants, teachers and staff ready to assist with your research every night, with schools by day. You will be rewarded with good results. The school environment is less distracting and helps you focus on what really matters.

 5) More time to be active and creative

With fewer distractions, you can also spend more time developing dynamism and creativity. Students spend an average of about ten hours a week exercising and playing sports, compared with nine hours in full-time school. Not only that, boarding schools usually devote more than six hours to creative activities such as music and painting, compared to four hours in private and public schools.

6) Independence

Living away from home has its pros and cons, but overall, it can be said that boarding school students develop a higher level of understanding what it means to be independent. They learn essential life skills such as time management, culinary skills, cleaning and socialising.

Boarding school should still be considered

In conclusion, even if a boarding school might not be right for you, it’s always good that you understand some of the reasoning behind the choosing of a boarding school over a private or public school. Although they have had a poor reputation in the past there are many benefits of attending one. The leading Brisbane boarding school does not only grow you and motivate you to become a more complete human being, but also trains you to be a leader and collaborator in our world for the rest of your life.

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