Syracuse, “Education and Prevention” on sexually transmitted diseases: Rotary appointment with the Quintilian high school

“Education and Prevention” on the topic of sexually transmitted diseases: the Quintilian high school in Syracuse has opened its doors to explain to the children the importance of the word “prevention”, as foreseen and requested by the directives dictated by the Sicilian Health Department.

Rotary Siracusa, represented by Nino Scandurra, president of the Projects commission, worked with the task force of the Asp8 operational unit, in synergy with the school director of the Via Tisia Institute, Giuseppe Mammano.

he multidisciplinary team provided a general and specific panorama on the methods of prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections which each year register about 340,000,000 (excluding AIDS: WHO source) of new cases in the world: this is the most epidemiological aspect serious that alarmed the World Health Organization and national and regional governments. Rotary which, as usual, collaborates with WHO: it is hardly necessary to mention the Polio Plus project to which it has dedicated much of its energy and has also given its support for this criticality.

Yesterday, 3rd year students (9 out of 11 sections involved to date) were given important information to stimulate their reflection.

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