Cervignano, new road education project in schools

A new road education project starts in Cervignano del Friuli, born from a proposal addressed to the Citizen Comprehensive Institute by the Family Victims of the Road Association (AFVS) and which subsequently received the collaboration of the Municipality of Cervignano – Department of Education, of the Municipal Police and Civil Protection.

The project is aimed at pupils of the three school orders: childhood, elementary and middle school as a form of ” restitution ” to the community for donations made ” In memory of Simone “, the Cervignanese Simone Fragolino who died at the age of 23 following a road investment.

The different realities of the Cervignano community – school, families, sports clubs, commercial businesses, associations, friends and colleagues – participated in the fundraising desired by Simone’s family and friends: it is precisely to them that we want to answer thanks to the availability of the Family Victims of the Street Association.

AFVS is a non-profit association of social utility, born with the aim of reducing road accidents in our country through prevention campaigns and assistance to road victims and their families. To this end, their commitment also arrives in schools to promote prevention activities, aimed at making known the risks on the road with interventions of experts and witnesses who are victims of the road, aimed at strengthening correct behavior in the car and on the road.

Around these proposals, the project representatives, together with the Councilor for Education and the Commander of the Municipal Police, shared and agreed on the interventions in the times and in the modalities and included in a specific ” Safety Week” that every school will organize with specific activities.

The different actions envisaged are summarized in three words ” PREVENT, EDUCATE, AWARENESS “; the courses, differentiated by order of school and implemented during the months of March, April and May, are intended to “convey” a message of life for life, that is to spread culture and respect for life in the belief that ” raising awareness and educating a single person in the future allows you to save many “.

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