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Protect Children from Mature Games

Some games are played by everyone, but some are only meant for those over 18.

Australia does not have an R18+ PC and video game classification.  An R18+ classification will allow adults the freedom of choice to play games with mature content; and help ensure that mature themed games are not rated MA15+ under any circumstances.

The Video Games Industry and the general public support an R18+ classificaiton rating.

We need to ensure that support for an R18+ classification remains top-of-mind for Censorship Ministers around the country.

Protect children from mature themed games. 

Together - we can fix it.

We Can Fix It

There is a very simple solution that will make the classification system work; introduce a rating for people 18 years and older.

Movie classifications already have the R18+ rating.  Introducing the R18+ rating for video games would fix the classification system.

Multiple surveys have shown that over 90% of adults (including non-gamers) agree that introducing an R18+ rating is a good idea.  The bad news is, one of the few people who can block the change won't listen to them.

We can fix this problem, but we need your help! Take Action.